Approach: One-year Youth ProgramME

Our one-year youth programme takes a three -step approach:

Selection process

The Nepali youth are carefully selected by our team of coaches. Participants must be at least 16 years old when they enter the programme. The main selection criterion is motivation. We consider this as the main indicator of success. When they are motivated and choose 100% consciously for our programme, then the impact of the QuestTrek is at its greatest.

Step 1: Introduction sessions

Prior to the start of QuestTrek, our youth coaches organize two introduction sessions. The first session takes place two months before the scheduled date of departure. The second session, combined with international participants, takes place three to five days before the scheduled date of departure.
The main goals of these sessions are:
·      ensuring mentally and physically stability for the rigors of the programme
·      understanding the programme’s core concepts.

Step 2: QuestTrek

After these sessions the participants are brought to the mountains for the six days intensive transformational inner journey: QuestTrek

Step 3: QuestTribeS

When the participants completed QuestTrek, they are invited for a follow up programme called QuestTribes. This programme includes six training days spread across the remainder of the year. Ideally, these trainings are organized every six weeks. The purpose is to continue the process initiated during the QuestTrek. Individual coaching sessions along with group sessions help with further developing life skills and tackling whatever challenges or obstacles the participants are currently facing.

QuestTrek has more impact in combination with QuestTribe. During QuestTrek, participants undergo a mental healing process, where a door to new opportunities and insights is opened. QuestTribe helps them to keep this door open and become actors of change in their own lives, of others and their nation. 

What Nepalese youth learn from the QuestTRek

Making Social Impact

We make social impact through our carefully designed programme for Nepali youth. If you look at the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), then it becomes even more clearer. 

SDGs are the United Nations global development goals. These are bold universal agreements to end poverty in all its dimensions and craft an equal, just and secure world.
To read more about the SDGs 17 goals, visit to the
website of United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The MyQuest Foundation contributes directly to six of the 17 SDG’s, as described below. One interesting aspect is that the SDG’s are officially known as “transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”. Our programme stands for transformation. Only by transforming ourselves, can we transform the world.

Youth who made peace with their past and are future orientated
Self awareness and knowledge on unique talents, inner strengths and positive qualities
More self esteem and confidence
A shift in mindset from victimhood to ‘actors of change’
Clear direction of their future and purpose in life
Courage and hope for the future that lies ahead of them
Trauma healing
Powerful and conscious decisions regarding their own life
Clear step by step plan on future aim

Our Nepali partner organizations

We work with trustworthy partner organisations that support youth either with a safe home environment and/or with educational needs. We believe that working together with partner organisations, we are stronger in guiding the youth into responsible and pro-active adults. The social workers and/or project coordinators often join our QuestTrek so that they understand what process the youth go through and which goals and aims the youth have created. 

The youth who join our programme are economically and socially marginalized and don't have the financial means to join a programme like this. Often our programme is a turning point in their lives as they realize that only they are responisble for their own lives and that they can influence the way they think and approach their situation and thus the direction of their future.  
That is why they often call the QuestTrek a life-changing experience.

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