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“Discover your talents, strengths and core values.”


By joining QuestTrek Intercultural in Nepal as a participant you make it possible for Nepali youth to follow our one year personal development programme. At the same time you will undergo a life changing and transformational experience yourself. You walk the trail together with other international participants and Nepali youth. The intercultural interaction makes this personal leadership trail in the Himalaya so unique.

You will be challenged both mentally as physically, due to the different cultures and environment. Your brain will open doors that you didn’t know existed. The nature in combination with walking in the mountains will bring you clearance on  what truely matters in life.

Contact us to find out how you can 'earn your trip'. 

Check our calendar for dates or download our flyer for more information.


"The QuestTrek is a real challenge for every one in every way. Even if you are not physically challenged you will certainly be mentally challenged to take on your pride and your cramped thoughts. When you think you have things under control and assume you know who you are, everything can be turned upside down.  Whichever point in life you are at, always find time to ask yourself, who am I, what am I doing, and  am  I on the path  I want to be?   

For me the QuestTrek was a new setting in which  to discover whether my inner passions, motivation and values really  connected with my daily routine. Wherever you come from and whoever you are, the QuestTrek will never leave you untouched. I have experienced the power of an  incredibly diverse and vulnerable group of people learning together and from each other. The nature around me gave me the serenity and the space to think freely - no pressure, no commitment, and no ‘musts’.  My coach and I didn’t need to do anything but could do everything. In this freedom the QuestTrek is your partner in communicaton,  a mirror, a statement and a dream all in one."

Eline van der Kaaden 
Quester 2019 


Do you want to support our mission to encourage Nepali youth into becoming passionate, responsible and pro-active young adults?

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You can send your donation to: NL21 TRIO 0776 4579 85

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