“The mountains are calling, so I must go”

By joining one of our personal leadership trails in the mountains of Nepal you directly impact the youth of Nepal. Your participation makes it possible for Nepali youth to enroll in our 12-month personal leadership programme.

If you are motivated to make local social impact while travelling then this is exactly the way to do it!

What is QuestTrek

QuestTrek is a six days Personal Leadership trail in the Himalaya. Personal Leadership stands for taking ownership and being in charge of yourself and your life.  It is about discovery and exploration of your unique qualities, strengths and talents. You will deepen and broaden your inner knowledge.

Letting go
During these six days you will be able to let go of habits, patterns and thoughts that are toxic for your system. This will give you an opportunity to set yourself free in a way to live your life in a more authentic way. You will be close to your values and essence, in full potential of your being. There is no hiding for your own greatness after our programme!

QuestTrek is an inner journey and highly transformational process in the beautiful presence of one of the world’s most magical natural wonders: the Himalayas.
We strongly believe in the positive effects of walking and being in nature.  Our body and brains already start to change after five minutes of walking in nature. Just imagine what six days in a row will do for you! There is no better place for personal growth than nature. It will open doors to parts of your brain you were not aware of that this existed.

The theory behind QuestTrek
QuestTrek is based on theory U. This is a change management model by Otto Scharmer. This theory believes in a transformation that comes from our source energy, i.e.  the lowest part of the U process. To reach our source energy we have to cross three boundaries:

  •       the voices of judgments
  •       the voices of cynicism
  •       the voices of fear

These voices make us play small, stay in hiding and tell us stories who we are. This is based on our past experiences to protect us from any harm. However, these stories are often not relevant for the phase of your life you’re currently in. They are often not true.

Yet, those voices or stories determine and rule our lives. We are only able to re-frame them within us with awareness and conscious decisions. Once we are fully aware, we are able to direct our destiny, lead by voices coming from our deepest desires and potentials. 

Coming out from the bottom of the U, you are able to create a vision for your life according to your TRUE nature. We make concrete and practical steps that will support your journey.

You come down the mountain full of energy, inspired by and for life, with a set of new insights, aims and ambitions. You got rid of the old and embraced the new. A boost for your personality!

What we do
We guide you step by step through this process using various coaching skills, techniques and exercises. We integrate yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, silence and sacred rituals in our programme. 

Curious? Check here to see when we set of on our trail again.

QuestTrek in one glance



Ever desired to go on a trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal and meet the local Nepali people? And at the same time make direct social impact on Nepali youth and their future? And combine this with an inner journey and personal growth?

You have come to the right place!

The people who join our trails can be defined as adventurous, curious, open and socially minded, powerful, and willing to dive into the deeper layers of their own being. Our trails are mentally and physically challenging and will for sure change your outlook on yourself and life!

The team is professionally trained to create the right setting for the whole group to connect and share their deepest fear and deepest desires. There lies a tremendous power in the concept of sharing.

QuestTrek Intercultural consists of people from different cultural backgrounds. It’s a true gift in life to connect with people who have different beliefs and approaches to life as it will widen your horizon and understanding of your own and other people’s world.

If you feel the calling, the mountains and our team are waiting for you. Click here for calendar and flyer

QuestTrek Nepal 3 days

If you don’t have the time to go for six days into the mountains, we also organize twice a year a three days QuestTrek in the valley of Kathmandu.

In the beautiful setting of the foothills of the Himalaya you will experience, in a powerful way, the impact of the QuestTrek. We move through the programme more intensively and you will be amongst a group of people from different cultural backgrounds; international people living in Kathmandu, fellow travelers, Nepali professionals and students.

The amount raised by this programme is used completely for our 1 year social youth project in Nepal.

Contact the team in Kathmandu for more information about this QuestTrek and be part of this wonderful experience.

QuestTrek for teams

We often get requests from companies and nonprofit organizations to organize a tailor-made QuestTrek in Nepal for their team as part of their team building activities. Of course, we are able to meet their wishes and give them a spark of what QuestTrek is really about.

What teams experience after our program is:

  • Better communication amongst the various group members
  • More understanding of each other, especially each other’s strength, qualities and talents
  • Alignment on the core values, vision and mission of the company
  • Joyful connection
  • Renewed energy, as well as on an individual as on a team’s level

In addition we raise funds through these activities for our Nepali youth project. With this concept in mind, we do what we are good at, and are able to generate income for our foundations aim.

Contact the team in Kathmandu for possibilities for your team and/or group.

QuestTrek for schools

This QuestTrek is a collaboration between MyQuest (Dutch and other International students) and the MyQuest Foundation (Nepali students). 

Students, as well as teachers, go on QuestTrek with a group of maximum 12 students and three certified MyQuest coaches; backpacking for six days through magnificent nature in the Himalayas, sleeping in unique locations, experiencing basic and local life.

Young people from an entirely different background join in this trail together. It is a groundbreaking experience, exactly what education is about: growing your mindset, moving out of the safe comfort zone and getting ready for life through real life experiences. The programme involves plenty of activities and 50 hours of coaching. The physicality, the intensive coaching and the absence of distractions result in something quite special. Step by step students connect with their talents, strengths, passions, dreams and mission. The students discover a motivation that goes far beyond that of just scraping by with a 'pass' and will come down the mountain with a clear set of goals for their nearby future. 

Students come to realize that life is what you make of it. The school plays a vital role in this and creates a safe and exciting learning space for students to develop themselves outside the classroom too. 

Students not only empower themselves but also are encouraged to think further and contribute to equal chances for Nepali youth who don’t have the financial means to join a life changing programme like this. ‘Pay it forward’ is a concept that is not just ‘taught’, but really experienced by doing and being it.   

Please click here to learn more about QuestTreks for schools and the social impact that schools and students make. 

QuestTrek entrepeneurs Intercultural

Once a year we organize QuestTrek for Entrepreneurs ONLY.  For four main reasons:

1. It’s very inspiring and uplifting to be with fellow entrepreneurs from a different cultural background. 

2. Entrepreneurs play a vital role in impacting and contributing to their nation. We want to support them with their mission through helping them grow as individuals.

3. Nepali entrepreneurs receive a chance to join our Personal Leadership programme for a lower rate as they don’t always have the financial means.

4. This programme makes it possible to generate income for our Nepali youth programme. 

This QuestTrek is organized by our mother organisation MyQuest. If you are an entrepreneur and are passionate about your own personal & professional growth and making social impact, please contact us for information on how to be part of this unique intercultural concept. Next one is from 29 September 2020 - 4 October 2020. 

Watch the interviews of the entrepreneurs below and click here for flyer and more information.  

Interview with CEO and Founder Aashish Adhikari at Red Mud Coffee, Nepal

Interview with Harrie-Peter Roefs, Founder and Director at ICM Opleidingen & Trainingen AND Paul Boontje, Founder Boontje Lawyers


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